It was a bit on the drizzly side of things, but we launched our Wednesday outing from Sunrise Coffee with undampened enthusiasm.  Chris had to leave before we reconvened for photos.  Great work by all!

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Sketchers Ahoy!

Wednesday, June 13.  Meet at Sunrise Coffee at 10am to find your sketching muse among the boats and all things maritime at the Boat Haven, or take in a watery landscape on the Larry Scott trail.  Return to Sunrise at 12:15 to photograph and share sketches.  Lunch at the Blue Moose anyone?

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Water Street Redux!

IMG_1294IMG_1300A beautiful sunny Saturday found us back in the gravel pits, sketching away despite all those warning signs!  A good time was had by all, with 4 hardy souls lasting the duration.

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Water Street Project: the Home Stretch Sketch!

Come on down to Water Street on Saturday, May 26 to sketch the final phase of the Water Street project.  Meet at 10am at Better Living Through Coffee, then find your best street scene to sketch. Return to BLTC at 12:15 to photograph and share sketches. Optional lunch following. If you want display your sketch(es) at the End of Construction party at the expansive patio adjacent to BLTC on Saturday, June 30, 3pm-6pm, or in the Port Townsend School of the Arts gallery across the street from the Rose Theatre, contact Barb Kurland at barbkurland@gmail.com.

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June Celebration on Water Street

For those who have been braving the cold rainy weather on Water Street, sketching the excavators, orange barrels and cones, mounds of dirt and all other accoutrements of construction, we’re almost done.

The end of construction party is scheduled for Saturday, June 30 from 3pm to 6pm at the new plaza next to Better Living through Coffee​.  We will have tables and tents and various display options (more details later).  In the meantime, we’ll need to know about how many people plan to attend to display their sketches.

If you’re planning to participate, please contact Barb Kurland (barbkurland@gmail.com or 360-316-9947) with the following information:

1) name, contact info
2) sketchbook only?
3) individual pages only?
4) both sketchbook and pages?
5) any questions?

The gallery show at the PTSA faculty gallery across from the Rose Theatre is still in the planning stage with information to follow as we have it.

On May 26, our Water St. sketching event may be more interesting, since in the 5/2 PT Leader Business insert, people were invited to watch come the Urban Sketchers sketching the Water Street construction.

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Springtime at Chetzemoka!

Wednesday, May 9, 2018: Chetzemoka Park, Jackson and Blaine Sts.
Meet at 10am in the parking lot in front of the park, then find your muse in Chezemoka: beachfront, pond, gazebo, arbor lane, trails, flora, fauna, people…Return to the lot at 12:15 to share and photograph sketches.  Optional lunch afterwards.
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Puddle Hopping on Water Street

It was a rainy Saturday morning in Port Townsend.  A perfect morning to stay inside, curl up with a cup of tea and a book, listen to the rain drum on the roof, and watch the gray skies cry.  But could perfection also be found on muddy rainy Water Street?  Five hardy Urban Sketchers thought so.  They wrapped themselves in weather-resistant coats and hats, hauled their carefully packed sketching gear, sloshed through puddles, danced between raindrops, and arrived breathlessly to sketch on-going construction.  

And here we are, perfectly happy to have sketched more views of Water Street!


April is the end of Construction Month Four, and things on Water Street are really changing.  The big trenches are gone, but the big machinery is still gainfully employed.  Curbs are being poured, utilities installed, tree wells built, and orange construction markers abound.  The road itself is pocked and puddled (especially with over a 1/2” of rain), but many portions of the sidewalk are finished.  If you haven’t used your orange paints, markers, or pencils yet this year, get down to Water Street and let them play in May!

Wondering how to motivate yourself to sketch on a rainy 40-something degree day?  Here are a few suggestions:

  1. If you’re driving to the sketching spot, turn up the heat and warm yourself up.  If you’re walking to the venue, walk fast.  There’s really no reason to start out cold and miserable.        
  2. Meet at a coffee shop.  From 9:45-10:00, Better Living Through Coffee helped us fuel up with caffeine and goodies.  When 10:00 rolled around, we were ready to go!
  3. Find a dry sketching site.  Barb sketched from her car.  If you haven’t tried it before, it’s a great option in cold and/or wet conditions!  Your view will be limited by your chosen parking spot, but you’ll likely have both a stereo and cup holder(s) at your fingertips.   Chris and John sketched from the two doorway “vestibules” of Flagship Landing Mall.  These spots are outdoors, but sheltered from rain.  Lucy and Tai sketched from inside the Palace Hotel lobby, which has hosted our group during previous sketching events.
  4. Pick a warm dry spot to meet afterward to share sketches, observations, stories, and, of course, take a group photo.   



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