Marestone Island and Fort Flagler

MYSTERY BAY_edited-1.jpg

Mystery Bay looking south from the boat launch at Fort Flagler State Park

resize ismus.jpg

The ismus between Indian and Marestone Island and the channel beyond

Marestone Island, in my opinion, is one of the few places in the Northwest that very much looks and feels like time stood still. The community of Nordland with its general store, fishing fleet and oyster farm could easily pass for something out of the 1930’s. Add Fort Flagler and the farmsteads to the picture and history goes back beyond to the early days of the 20th century.

Fort Flagler State Park has become one of our families favorite state parks for camping and for me sketching. While most of my sketching on this trip were within the camp grounds, I’m sure I could easily spend a day sketching in Nordland alone. A great place for a sketch outing – hint – hint.

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4 Responses to Marestone Island and Fort Flagler

  1. Margarita Cain says:

    Wonderful to see your Marrowstone Island sketches here, Darsie! Very nice… Nordland & Mystery Bay is on our list for a little later on–we’ll be posting it, and hope you will join us soon.


  2. darsiebeck says:

    Thank you Margy and I will look forward to it.


  3. magus1111 says:

    Beautiful sketches, Darsie. I haven’t been to Marrowstone in maybe fifteen years! Glad to hear its still so pristine.


    • darsiebeck says:

      Thank you Elsbeth. It would be fun to have a sketch outing at either the Nordland Genernal Store or at Fort Flagler.


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