Call for a USk Port Townsend Logo Design

Dear Members,

Urban Sketchers Port Townsend is looking for a logo that can be used on our

business cards. If you are a member of USkPT, you are invited to join the fun!

Please read the following instructions carefully. The design must meet the criteria

outlined in the official USk Logo Design Guide (see attached). It will include the

black and white USk logo on the left side, the words “Urban Sketchers Port

Townsend” on the bottom right side in Gil Sans font and a logo above that. But

please don’t worry about the USk logo or the wording and font. You only need to

design the unique logo part that fits inside the blue box.

The design should be an original, unique design. It should be a B & W image that

represents who/where we are. It should be specific to the Port Townsend area,

showing something familiar and iconic. It should be in black and white not grey

scale. It could be adaptable to color but that’s not necessary. It should be simple

and polished and still readable when reduced down to the size of a biz card.

The Admins will short-list the submissions based entirely on whether they meet

the criteria set out in these instructions. Then all submissions will be presented to

this chapter via a Facebook poll so that the chapter can vote on the preferred

design. The designs will be presented anonymously so as to prevent bias.

To see examples of logos from other chapters around the world click here:…/fo…/0B49LYkqxSxVvWWZIS1gtemdYWG8…

To read the USk Logo Design Guide click here:…/0B49LYkqxSxVvVzhBZFV4UlhqZ…/view…

Deadline: Please send your design and contact information to by Wednesday, August 30, 2017. After review by the

Admins, USkPT chapter members will have three weeks to vote for the design.

Thank you, and happy sketching!

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One Response to Call for a USk Port Townsend Logo Design

  1. magus1111 says:

    Margy, all I see when I click on these links is a Google Drive page.


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