Sunshine and Autumn in Port Gamble

There was a good turnout of Urban Sketchers for our Port Gamble sketch outing on Oct. 28, including guests from north Kitsap.  We lucked out with a beautiful day and lots of fall colors.  Port Gamble is a small historical village with tidy New England style cottages and white picket fences, and plenty of subject matter for our sketch books.


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2 Responses to Sunshine and Autumn in Port Gamble

  1. Lois DiConti says:

    Thank you Pt Townsend sketchers for being so welcoming. It was really fun meeting you all; and knowing there are like minded artists not terribly far from Kingston . I look forward to seeing you on Wednesday at the Palace Hotel – weather permitting.

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    • mcpaints01 says:

      Glad to hear you will be coming to PT on Weds. the 8th. See you at the Palace Hotel–we can sketch there indoors if it’s too cold out.


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