Monthly Outings


COFFEE (BLTC): Wednesday 8/9; Port Townsend
BLTC is around the corner (towards the water) at Water and Tyler (100 Tyler). Many choices to sit and sketch around downtown Port Townsend. Park where you can in the area. We will meet at 10am at the picnic table outside BLTC, or inside if raining, then return to the to where we met at 12:30 to photograph and share sketches. Optional lunch at BLTC or in Port Townsend.

BURNER POINT TOTEM POLE: Saturday 8/26; Port Ludlow
Burner Point, near the Inn at Port Ludlow, and the Marina.  This was where the burner for waste wood was located during the years Port Ludlow had a sawmill.  Now there stands a beautiful Totem Pole that represents the layered history of Port Ludlow.  The Totem Pole was repaired and re-dedicated last year by Tsimshian tribal members and David Boxley, who carved the pole twenty years ago.  He is a member of the Tsimshian (shihm-sheeuhn) tribe.
Called the Port Ludlow Totem Pole, it was originally commissioned 20 years ago by Pope Resources, then the resort owners, and underwent extensive restoration in 2015.
On clear days, the Olympic Mountains dominate the horizon.  It is a spectacular view from the sandy beach, and the point.  One can sketch the marina, the beach, the nice townhouses behind the beach grasses, the Inn and environs.  The Olympics are out on nice days so we are hoping for a sunny sketch outing!

To get there from Port Townsend: Follow highway 19 to 116 which takes you to Port Hadlock/Irondale.  At the junction by the QFC market, turn left on Oak Bay Road, which will take you to Port Ludlow.  Turn left on Marina View Drive where you see the Inn and the marina, and the totem pole. Then right on Harbor Drive, left on Heron Road.

To get there from the south: from highway 104, take the turnoff at highway 19, drive north to Oak Bay Road, turn right. Turn right on Marina View Drive, right on Harbor Drive, left on Heron Road.

There is a gravel parking lot across from the townhouses, on the north side of the Inn.  There is also parking in the gravel lot above the Marina. You can walk from there to the marina side of the Inn, where there is a gravel path to Burner Point.  The totem pole is clearly visible to guide your way. We’ll meet at 10am at the totem pole to sketch, then return there at 12:30 to photograph and share sketches. Optional lunch in Port Ludlow or beyond.

ILLAHEE PRESERVE: Wednesday 9/13; Port Townsend
The Illahee Preserve is a Jefferson County Land Trust protected Salmon Run at Chimacum Creek. There is a shelter area and trails down to the creek. Directions: Turn onto Prospect off Highway 19, continue to the first right turn, Creek View Ln. Take Creek View Lane to the end and park in the designated area. We will meet at the picnic shelter at 10am to sketch and return there at 12:30 to share and photograph sketches.

IRONDALE BEACH: Saturday, 9/30; Chimacum
Irondale Beach Park actually has two parts: the Chimacum Creek Tidelands and the Irondale Beach Park. You can kick back and enjoy these two incredible and historic natural resources. The Irondale Beach Park is the former site of the Irondale Mill so you can explore and sketch the ruins of the old mill. The park offers a huge sandy beach lagoon. We’ll meet at 10am at the parking lot to sketch until 12:30, where we will return to the lot and share and photo sketches. Optional lunch in Port Hadlock or Port Townsend.
Directions: From SR-19 take Irondale Road. Turn left on the street just before the Jesus is Lord sign. At the end take a right down to the parking area.