How to Participate

Urban Sketchers Port Townsend’s mission is to connect local sketchers who showcase our town and region, one drawing at a time. Participation in our sketch outings is free and open to everyone, no matter what skill level. All are welcome, from beginners to accomplished artists. There is no critique nor instruction—only positive feedback and encouragement.

Members and guests meet for sketch outings on the second Wednesday and last Saturday of each month. We meet at 10:00 a.m., sketch until 12:30 p.m., share our work with other members, and discuss our experiences.

The schedules and locations are posted on our WordPress Blog site. Occasionally, we will add an “ad hoc” gathering on various days and times to allow sketchers another chance to join in. Of course, Urban Sketchers are free to post sketches done outside of the scheduled group gatherings.

Sketching events are chosen in consideration of the needs of sketchers, offering an interesting and scenic venue, with comfortable facilities when possible. The posting of the event will have information on what to expect at the location, so sketchers can be prepared for weather, etc.

Any portable art media can be used, and members enjoy sharing information on materials they use in the field. It is fun to see what other sketchers use. Consider bringing a camp chair or stool. Sometimes a log on the beach, a rock or a ledge will offer a place to sit while sketching outdoors.

We require our members and guests to follow the Urban Sketchers’ Manifesto.  Sketchers share their drawings with each other at our outings and by posting them on our Facebook and Flickr group sites.

In posting on the on-line platforms, Flickr and Facebook, we ask that drawings are done on location, from direct observation, following the spirit of the Urban Sketchers Manifesto.

Administration of Urban Sketchers Port Townsend
There are three administrators of USk Port Townsend. Each fulfills responsibilities on behalf of the group. Administrators manage and monitor the on-line platforms, schedule and plan the sketching events, correspond with leaders and local members, and encourage members to participate. There are several volunteers who step in to assist Administrators when needed, and are able to perform the same tasks as Administrators.

Blog Correspondents
Blog Correspondents are designated members of our chapter who post their articles on the our Blog site on a regular basis.  They participate in our outings, post their sketches on our on-line sites, and post an article for our Blog at least once a month.  Articles posted on the Blog have an informational or educational focus.  The Correspondents ensure that the Blog is lively and diverse, interesting and informative.  You can find our Correspondents under the heading “Meet the Correspondents” on our Blog.