Reminder! Outing this Wednesday!

FAR REACHES FARM: Wednesday, 9/13
1818 Hastings Ave.
Join us for some sketching of unusual plants, a charming gazebo and pond, and the many stunning colorful blooms at Far Reaches Farm.  We are welcomed there on a day they are closed, so we can sketch where we like.  Bring a chair and your sketching gear and enjoy some time among the exotic flora.  Meet at 10am in the parking lot; we sketch until 12:30.  Optional lunch after in Port Townsend.
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Cool & Sunny Day at Burner Point

Eight sketchers enjoyed a sunny, breezy day in Port Ludlow for our monthly Saturday outing.  The waterfront, marina, totem pole, as well as the surprise presence of a tall ship provided a wide range of subjects for our sketchbooks.  Fall was definitely in the air, though, and several sketchers packed up early before photos.

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Call for Logo Design amended

Hello fellow Urban Sketchers Port Townsend,

Apparently, the links provided in the “Call for Logo Design” post are not working.  Try this: log on to the Urban website, go to the “Chapters” tab, click on the FAQ for Admins, and find the highlighted “logo design guide” towards the bottom of the page. It’s all there!

In light of this glitch, the deadline for submissions is now September 30.  Hope this gives all of you wishing to submit a design plenty of time plan.  The previous post for the call for logo design is still on the blog, and has all the requirements.

Thank you for your participation, and happy sketching!

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Reminder! Saturday at Burner Point!

BURNER POINT TOTEM POLE: Saturday 8/26; Port Ludlow
Burner Point, near the Inn at Port Ludlow, and the Marina.  This was where the burner for waste wood was located during the years Port Ludlow had a sawmill.  Now there stands a beautiful Totem Pole that represents the layered history of Port Ludlow.  The Totem Pole was repaired and re-dedicated last year by Tsimshian tribal members and David Boxley, who carved the pole twenty years ago.  He is a member of the Tsimshian (shihm-sheeuhn) tribe.
Called the Port Ludlow Totem Pole, it was originally commissioned 20 years ago by Pope Resources, then the resort owners, and underwent extensive restoration in 2015.
On clear days, the Olympic Mountains dominate the horizon.  It is a spectacular view from the sandy beach, and the point.  One can sketch the marina, the beach, the nice townhouses behind the beach grasses, the Inn and environs.  The Olympics are out on nice days so we are hoping for a sunny sketch outing!

To get there from Port Townsend: Follow highway 19 to 116 which takes you to Port Hadlock/Irondale.  At the junction by the QFC market, turn left on Oak Bay Road, which will take you to Port Ludlow.  Turn left on Marina View Drive where you see the Inn and the marina, and the totem pole. Then right on Harbor Drive, left on Heron Road.

To get there from the south: from highway 104, take the turnoff at highway 19, drive north to Oak Bay Road, turn right. Turn right on Marina View Drive, right on Harbor Drive, left on Heron Road.

There is a gravel parking lot across from the townhouses, on the north side of the Inn.  There is also parking in the gravel lot above the Marina. You can walk from there to the marina side of the Inn, where there is a gravel path to Burner Point.  The totem pole is clearly visible to guide your way. We’ll meet at 10am at the totem pole to sketch, then return there at 12:30 to photograph and share sketches. Optional lunch in Port Ludlow or beyond.

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Fort Casey’s 10″ guns

Hard for me to believe but for all the time I’ve spent in and around Port Townsend, Fort Worden and Fort Flagler,  I had never visited Fort Casey. This past weekend, late Sunday afternoon, my wife Chris, our friends Ken and Joan Fulton returning from a weekend urban sketcher event in Vancouver BC checked into NCO building number one at Fort Casey for a one night stay before returning to Vashon. At daybreak Monday morning  I quietly exited our unit and drove up to the forts batteries. I assumed I would see something similar to Fort Wordens concrete bunkers and empty gun stations. When I crested the hill, took in the view of the batteries, I could not believe my eyes when I saw the big 10″ disappearing guns on display. Were they always there and I just didn’t know it? Then I read the interpretive signage and realized these two guns came from Fort Wint, Subic Bay, the Philippines and were reinstalled here at Fort Casey in the mid 60’s.

Fort Wint on Grande Island in Subic Bay was an US Navy recreation center frequented by the author on a number of occasions when our ship was in port for refueling in the early 60’s. In those days these 10″ guns were rusting away amid the jungle foliage at the old abandoned fort. As a young seaman I spent time with my shipmates exploring these relics and once my tour of duty was over, I never expected to return to the Philippines or to see these guns again.

Here is my sketch of the big gun along with a smoky English Bay at dusk sketch in Vancouver.SMOKE AT DUSK ENGLISH BAY SHIPS_edited-1.jpg



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Call for a USk Port Townsend Logo Design

Dear Members,

Urban Sketchers Port Townsend is looking for a logo that can be used on our

business cards. If you are a member of USkPT, you are invited to join the fun!

Please read the following instructions carefully. The design must meet the criteria

outlined in the official USk Logo Design Guide (see attached). It will include the

black and white USk logo on the left side, the words “Urban Sketchers Port

Townsend” on the bottom right side in Gil Sans font and a logo above that. But

please don’t worry about the USk logo or the wording and font. You only need to

design the unique logo part that fits inside the blue box.

The design should be an original, unique design. It should be a B & W image that

represents who/where we are. It should be specific to the Port Townsend area,

showing something familiar and iconic. It should be in black and white not grey

scale. It could be adaptable to color but that’s not necessary. It should be simple

and polished and still readable when reduced down to the size of a biz card.

The Admins will short-list the submissions based entirely on whether they meet

the criteria set out in these instructions. Then all submissions will be presented to

this chapter via a Facebook poll so that the chapter can vote on the preferred

design. The designs will be presented anonymously so as to prevent bias.

To see examples of logos from other chapters around the world click here:…/fo…/0B49LYkqxSxVvWWZIS1gtemdYWG8…

To read the USk Logo Design Guide click here:…/0B49LYkqxSxVvVzhBZFV4UlhqZ…/view…

Deadline: Please send your design and contact information to by Wednesday, August 30, 2017. After review by the

Admins, USkPT chapter members will have three weeks to vote for the design.

Thank you, and happy sketching!

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Another Fine Day Downtown…


A fine time was had by all, despite a bit too much smoky haze in the air.  Several of our intrepid crew missed out on the final photos.  Look to our Facebook and Flicker groups for individual images—and post your sketches there as well!

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